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Qingdao Botian Chemical, founded in 2011, is a subsidiary company of Tiantai Chemical Company which is one of the biggest enterprises in China. We are mainly engaged in exporting raw materials such as titanium slag, high-titanium slag, titanium powder, titanium ore, titanium tetrachloride, PVC resin, PVC blend resin, sodium hydroxide, potassium chloride, barium chloride, magnesium chloride, sea grain pigment, industrial bromine and many more, which are mainly used for producing pearl pigments, titanium dioxide, catalysts and other related products.

For your assurance, our operations run in accordance with ISO 9002 guidelines. Moreover, we are capable of producing up to 10,000 tons yearly, which are exported to South Korea, India, Iran, Europe and other countries and regions.

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Tel:86 0532-88251960   Fax:86 0532-55576901 Address:Room 2302/2003, Building B, Digital Technology Center, No.63 Hai er road,Laoshan District,QingDao,ShanDong,China